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Who I am

I believe that pictures should not reflect the photographer's personal view of what is happening. I leave room for your random fluxes of feelings, thoughts, and premonitions. Don't let this text of mine catch you off guard. If you've flipped through the pages and noticed interesting photos, if you feel like slowing down and examining, maybe feeling, you're free to do whatever you want. I know some of you are looking for a photographer they can trust. Be on the lookout for those who are looking on the commercial side. You don't have to somehow specifically target your performer. If I were you, I'd get comfy in my chair and not read what others write, but read yourself, what's inside of you. I have enough experience to confidently shoot what I'm shooting now. All the information I need is in these albums. I'm not advertising, imposing or asking for it! You can read between the lines anyway. But know that you are very ill-informed and only see what is on the surface. You may notice the likes, the views, the comments, but you don't know what's being done in the inner kitchen. You want to find the downside. You look at every photo, you analyze every post, but that's your mistake! My creativity is not about calculating, it's about feeling. It's a beam from the heart to the heart. After all, the main task is to leave a mark in your soul. Let my photos do not surprise you, most likely we will meet again, and maybe more than once.

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